Round by etc, performed at the Big Electrozone, October 14, 2018. Risley Hall, Ithaca, NY

[ee-tea-see] began performing together two years ago out of love for creating things without boundaries. We value ideas over judgment; growth over tradition; and an integrated exploration of sound over artistic divisiveness. We collaborate. We experiment. We dare ourselves to go further into a situation in each performance. And yes, there is a comma after c.

etc, is Barry Sharp & Sergio Cote

Barry Sharp [www.barry-sharp.com] seeks to create an environment of inclusion and experimentation through new dynamics between performers, composers, and audiences. His works often develop out of a specific sound world from which he sculpts a landscape of harmonic, melodic, and textural ideas. He is interested in how musical experiences vary between performers and listeners, given the way these landscapes are constructed and executed versus how they are perceived. Barry has worked with ensembles such as Duo Helix, Amalgama, sTem, JACK Quartet, International Contemporary Ensemble, Bienen Early/Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, [Switch~ Ensemble], Arditti Quartet, the Princeton Singers, OSSIA Ensemble, Un/Pitched, Ithaca New Music Collective, Cornell Orchestras, and the Cornell Chamber Singers.

Sergio Cote‘s [www.sergiocote.com] work deals with acoustical phenomena and explorations of the human body within the musical performance. Most of his pieces also encompass a relationship between the human body (its movement, its sounds, and placement on stage) and politics. His pieces have been performed and commissioned by ensembles such as the International Ensemble Modern Academy (Frankfurt), Neopercusión (Madrid), The [Switch~Ensemble], Ensemble Motocontrario (Trento, Italy), Mise-en Ensemble (NYC), Ensamble Taller Sonoro (Seville), and the National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia; and featured in Festivals such as Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik (Witten, Germany), Darmstädter Ferienkurse (Darmstadt, Germany), Contemporary Music Days (Bogotá, Colombia), Sacred Music Festival (Madrid, Spain), Mise-en Festival (NY, USA), Casa tomada (La Habana, Cuba), among others.